The Backstory

The Add2Psu was created by David Lorentzen after he found that the standard PSU (Power Supply Unit) configuration in his home server was not meeting his needs. After many online searches and countless conversations with other technicians and power-users (who also needed multiple power supplies) he found there was no reasonable solution in the market for their shared problem.
David then built, installed, and tested a prototype in his home server. The final result was the Add2Psu; an economical, streamlined, and safe solution for the power needs of power-users.

Because of customer requests to have their slaved PSU’s turn off later than the main PSU, the Add2Psu-D was born. Now cooling systems connected to the slaved PSU’s can stay on longer. The Add2Psu-D was designed, built, tested and made adjustable for all those who needed a better way to cool down PC’s, gaming and mining rigs when they are shut dowm.

We have had so many requests for a redundant solution that we developed a true simple redundant device.  We call it the AddRpsu, (Add Redundancy Power Switch Unit) You can use two or three power supplies for your redundancy needs (will work even if you only have one in while you replace two failed PSU’s).  Use any ATX PSU, all the same wattage or use different size power wattages like a 300, 500 and an 800 PSU.  You can even use a 2000 watt PSU if you choose.  And for the Enterprise side, we even have a rack mounted version.  We will offer a premium software package so you can send Text or Emails to your smart phone.  Also get alarm messages on PSU’s that are starting to fail or just trend the PSU’s power signature.  In all another device that has been requested by some major companies for their IT department.  Contact us and get your name on the more info on the AddRpsu.  More features to follow.


The Add2Psu and Add2Psu-D adapters have many features:

    • Solid State PC board
    • Non-heat generating
    • Compact design
    • Multiple mounting options
    • Virtually unlimited PSU’s
    • Installs in less than a minute
    • Fits almost anywhere in the case
    • Delay adjustments from 5 seconds up to 10 minutes

(Click here to see videos)