The Add2Psu-D, you might be asking yourself why! We have been making the Add2Psu for over two years and have had a lot of customers ask, “Do you have anything with a delay or can you make something to keep the slave power supply on longer?” To that request we could only say no, until now! We have designed a second product that will allow those who wanted to keep the addition power supply on from 5 seconds or up to 7-10 minutes (depending on the power supply).

We sent our prototypes to some of our customers (who just happened to be engineers) for some testing and feedback on our new adapter. Well the results are in and those engineers point blank told us that, “Anyone who wants to keep their PC’s cool after they turn off the machine, needs this adapter”. We all understand that heat is the killer of PC’s and why in the **** didn’t the manufactures think of this! The new adapter acts just like our first adapter, with the one difference. Now you are able to adjust the off delay by turning the little white pot. Turn the pot to the minus sign for less delay and to the plus sign for more delay.