We make the Add2Psu and Add2Psu-D adapters to fit in any case. The double stick tape gives the modifiers an option to stick the adapter on any clean surface. The holes gives additional methods of mounting, like pop rivets, sheet metal screws, nuts and bolts and even zip ties.
Our goal is to be the best multiple power supply adapter company in the world. We are leading in keep cool technology control area! Listed below are some manufacturers that are helping everyone who wants or needs dual power supply set ups, you can buy straight from them.

Here are some of the manufacturers that can help:

AZZATEK.COM – (NEW Mulitple Power Supply Case Called Fusion 4000)
ULTRA PRODUCTS.COM (The Case We Used in Our Video)
Cooler Master HAF 932 Full tower (Remove top fan for 2 PSU’s)
Lian Li PC-343B Modular Aluminum Cube Case (Has Dual PSU Configuration)