Company Policies

Terms & Conditions
This section states our policies on Privacy, Warrantees and Shipping.

Privacy:  We do not sell or forward any customer information to anyone!  Our web site is secured by our third party hosting services.  All purchases are done through third party SSL compliant financial and hosting services.  We are not directly responsible for any security services provided by all or any third party support service.

Warrantees:  We offer a life time warrantee on all of our adapters.  The customer is responsible to return any failed purchased item (customer is responsible for return shipping) and we will return a new item or offer an full refund of the failed items purchase price less the original shipping fees.

Shipping:  We ship all purchases based on the customers selection when ordering from the web site.  We also will ship to a customer who use their own shipping company account with a minimum handling fee that will be charged to the customer (Minimum fee is First Class USPS charge) when ordering from our web site.  We are not responsible for any lost or non-delivered packages that have been successfully delivered to the shipping company.  We will provide proof of sent orders with documentation (Tracking number via shipping company) as proof of having shipped a customers order.

If you need more information or would like to send us a comment or request on something that falls outside of this stated terms and conditions, please contact us, using our contact form.

Thank You
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